Genius Money, the number one people solution provider, a truly unique service within the construction arena. Focusing on all of your workforce-related matters, we have people at the forefront of what we do.

With our robust solution, we take on the full responsibility of each and every contractor within your workforce.

We not only protect you and your business we also save you money.

The Genius Workforce Hub, intelligent centralised software built with the construction industry in mind, streamlining your workforce giving you full visibility of your entire supply chain

Compliance Solutions, eradicating risk, keeping your business protected from the HMRC

Matching you with the perfect workforce, removing the middleman (recruitment company) providing you with cost-effective labour

Trusted Payroll Services, payrolling your workforce on time, every time

Carrying out your due diligence prior to outsourcing is key, take a look at our case studies, testimonials and google reviews from both Clients and Contractors who can vouch for our impeccable service.

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