The Genius Workforce Hub

The new era of compliant technology


The Genius Workforce Hub is a centralised platform, streamlining your workforce compliance giving you full visibility of your entire supply chain. Remove outdated spreadsheets & automate your workforce compliance and payroll, helping you run an even more efficient Business.

The platform removes the need to invest in costly CRM systems with high monthly subscriptions. A desktop and a mobile App version are available for both Businesses and Contractors, with multiple features, keeping you 100% compliant no matter where you are.

Automated Compliance

Live analysis of your workforce ensuring they always remain in line with HMRC legislation

Digital Contractor onboarding

Onboarding all new starters, confirming CIS status, CSCS checks and right to work eligibility

Geo tracking technology

Identify the location of your workforce to automate timesheets


Visibility of profit and loss across your Business, per site/per day all in real-time


Track and verify works completed per plot with the ability to approve or decline substandard work

The App

The new revolutionary App, enabling you to manage your workforce on the go

Automated Payroll & Invoicing

Remove human error and streamline your back-office administration

Assignments and Orders

Contracts provided for each job and site, allowing the worker to accept or decline work

Full workforce

Complete transparency of your current and historic workforce, from expenses to works completed

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