Why us?

The number one people solutions provider


Genius Money has built a unique offering which will revolutionise how you engage your workforce.

Founded in 2004 based in Portsmouth, Genius Money was created due to frustrations within the industry from both the lack of competence and false promises of protection.

With the ever-changing legislation from the HMRC it can be challenging to keep up with, especially when you need to focus on what you do best.

From our inception, we have been supporting hundreds of Businesses ensuring HMRC risk is completely eliminated.

Genius Money work with businesses to

Eradicate your risk and liability

Provide employment status checks

Right to work status checks

Waiver your contract liability

Support with HMRC status challenges

Recruitment and resourcing services

Offer regular legislation advice

Streamline your back office

New age project management software

Protection with contractor insurances

Legal and HR advice

Take ownership of your CIS liability

Genius Money modern day slavery policy

Genius Money Limited is committed to addressing the requirements of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”). We acknowledge the undertakings in the Act and the risks of modern slavery and will aim to create a culture of transparency with regard to the supply of goods and services to us.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54 of the Act and constitutes the Company's modern slavery and human trafficking statement, as required by the Act, for the financial year ended 5th April 2024.

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