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I was dubious about outsourcing; however, I knew I had to do something as my business was growing and I just couldn't afford the risk.

I was recommended to Genius Money and having worked with them for just over 3 months I can honestly say it has changed the way that I work.

I spent hours each week signing up new starters and couldn't keep on top of all the paperwork, coupled with the time it took to process the payroll it was getting unmanageable.

I now have this time back each week to focus on the business. I like the fact that they take away the liability from me and I don't have to think about anything but performance on site. I would highly recommend Genius Money.

MD, Civil Engineering Contractor

We moved over to Genius Money in 2019 after an inspection from the HMRC.

The inspection highlighted areas that we didn't feel had the appropriate cover for, this made us feel uneasy and knew that we had to find another provider as we couldn't afford to take the risk.

We met with Dwayne and were impressed by the way Genius Money positioned themselves.

We compared two other well-known companies within the industry, however they seemed to work differently which was what gave us the confidence to use them.

A year later and we are still impressed with the way that they work. The team are on hand at any time to help us, a real benefit of using Genius Money was their support with SDS statements as we found them really time consuming and weren't sure how we needed to implement them.

Operations Director, Carpentry Company

I have been using Genius Money for 4 years, they have a great team who give me peace of mind that they take on all of the liability of the sub contractors.

Also, like how easy the system is to use, I am not overly computer literate, and the portal is really user friendly.

Owner, Landscape Gardening Company

When the HMRC inspected us, we had a massive issue that could have threatened IPS continuing to trade. We were aware that Inland Revenue was examining companies for IR35 but never thought we would be one that they would target in a million years.

The key reason for engaging the services of Genius Money was that it took this issue away from us with immediate effect and offered a legal and practical solution to our business needs. They took away all the employment liability and associated headaches that we had with engaging a self-employed workforce and assisted us with attractive payment terms and payroll support to reinvest both the time and money in growing our business.

Genius Money provided us with a steady stream of quality electrical trades via V3 recruitment when we needed them to cope with the various client works we had comping up. Genius Money was a complete solution that came at the right time for IPS, and without we could not have continued to trade.

Director, Roofing company

We have worked with Genius Money for three years. We had worked with the Sales Director for several years previously and moved to Genius when he did. Genius is a more professional company than our previous provider. The team at Genius are accommodating and always go that extra mile to make my job easier.

Nothing is too much trouble, and everything is dealt with promptly and efficiently. The most significant benefit of using Genius Money is their professionalism, the easy set-up for new contractors, and not having to worry about compliance as Genius takes care of everything for you. We highly recommend Genius Money!

Director, Plumbing company

I moved over to Genius Money due to my concerns around the genuine level of protection that I was receiving from my provider. Too many providers promise the earth, but the reality is far from this, I never actually met any of them throughout my time as their client.

Fast forward to Genius Money; it's a different service. I have regular contact with the team, and I am confident that they offer me and my business the level of protection I need regarding IR35 and the HMRC. Everything they do is transparent, the model they provide is clear, and I can focus on running my business as they have everything else in hand.

Owner, Scaffolding company

When we were initially approached by Genius, who were offering payroll solutions, we were extremely wary and resistant to the proposal of any meetings or discussions due to past experiences. Once we eventually began to engage with Genius, they provided all the information we requested to comfort us that we were dealing with a professional business keen to help us. After the initial meetings, Genius conducted a full workforce review to help identify any areas of risk and proposed solutions to negate this.

Their team was so helpful as they educated us throughout the process and told us what was and, more importantly, wasn't possible, rather than turning a blind eye and leaving us at risk as previous companies had done. Our relationship with Genius has restored our faith in outsourcing payroll. They've continued to communicate with us throughout the recent changes in the off-payroll regulations and helped us implement processes for status determination statements which we now use to manage our whole supply chain.

Finance Director, M&E Company

We have been working with Genius Money since October 2019. We chose to use Genius Money as their approach and offering is clear and concise without using any “so-called jargon”. We would certainly recommend using Genius Money to other companies within the industry.

I find the team to be friendly, professional and always ready to help with any queries raised. Using Genius Money saves time each month and keeps us HMRC compliant.

Owner, Electrical Company

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