No win/no fee offer seeks to shake up construction litigation


A law firm is looking to disrupt the already feisty world of construction litigation by introducing a no win/no fee service for construction companies.

Solicitors BWL Consulting is working with quantity surveyors Govericks and Acasta European Insurance to bring no win/no fee adjudication to the construction industry.

They says that they are targeting construction companies who feel they have a legitimate dispute or claim but lack the confidence to take it further for fear of spiralling legal costs.

BWL will review each case on its own merits and then refer the matter to Acasta, to see if it will provide insurance cover.

BWL Consulting director Paul Benson said: “This will revolutionise the way that the adjudication process is financially de-risked for construction businesses, as it creates a resource to assess the merit of their dispute before deciding on the next steps, on a contingency basis.

“Our solicitors are experts in construction law and combined we have over 25 years’ experience in this area. We specialise in adjudication and litigation and have a dedicated team to work on the disputes that come from this new product.”

Richard Beckwith, head of dispute resolution at BWL Consulting, added: “We are aware that contractors do not follow formal adjudication procedures due to the fear of increasing legal and adjudicator’s fees, even if they have a strong case.

“Our insurance-backed solution provides the confidence contractors need to follow up a dispute when they know they are entitled to claim. The added expertise from our construction consultancy services team and partners creates a complete solution source for businesses, adding that extra assurance that sets us aside from the competition.

“For the first time, this creates a level playing field for construction businesses of all sizes to follow adjudication proceedings.”

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