The flexible workforce has been the victim of one attack after another from HMRC, with the consultations around removing the benefit of travel and subsistence expenses for umbrella employees working under supervision, direction or control of the End-client being the most recent

That said, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke recently wrote, 'Flexible labour plays an important role in the UK economy and in ensuring business has access to the individuals, skills and services it needs to encourage growth and rapidly respond to new demands

It is an important aim of this government to ensure that the tax system reflects the key role flexible labour now plays in the UK and how businesses and labour markets are operating

' 'Recognising the different ways individuals are now working, whilst ensuring the tax system provides no individual or business with an unfair advantage

We are committed also, to ensuring the tax system is not exploited by businesses and individuals seeking to pay less tax and are continuing to tackle tax avoidance, tax evasion and address unfair outcomes as a priority

' It's clear that government have got the tough job of balancing the needs of businesses to remain competitive whilst not allowing tax revenue to fall between the cracks, especially through the use of contrived tax avoidance models that are so widely available, and actively marketed by certain Umbrella Companies and industry service providers

Talk to Genius about how HMRC view Umbrella

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