Off-Payroll is to be delayed not stopped


The delay to the Off-Payroll Working Rules are very much welcomed by all in the Contracting sector.

Every client that we have connected with in the last year that qualifies as a Medium to Large business was not prepared for these new rules that were due to come in.

As much as the delay is a blessing, this is only a delay to the rules and the existing IR35 processes still apply, yet most companies we meet are not meeting this criteria either.

What Off-Payroll should of been for most companies is a very clear wake up call, to get your own house in order.

The HMRC challenges will still come under IR35 as they have been for a few years now, If you are challenged and you fail, you will pay the price for this.

So whatever changes or processes you were looking to implement for the 6th April 2020, take some advice, continue to do whatever it was you were going to do, as you will need to be doing this under IR35 let alone the Off-Payroll Working Rules.

Corona is an unpleasent situation for all of us, but it is the only thing that saved Off-Payroll from coming into force.

If you require a clear solution to this please get in touch with our team 0330 335 0400

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