Finance Bill Ignored By The Finance Secretary - Off-payroll To Go Ahead April 2020


The Finance Bill was discussed yesterday by the Government which outlined the planned Off-Payroll changes due in 2021. MP's such as David Davis, Sir Ed Davey proposed an amendment to delay the Off-Payroll reform to 2023-24.

The debate was very one-sided in as much as all MP's that were heard were for a delay, and all that spoke raised some great valid points, this included, Meg Hillier, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, and Alison Thewliss, SNP’s Shadow Treasury Spokesperson. The debate was heard 4 weeks after the House of Lords published their damning report which headed by Lord Forsyth, which was instantly rejected by Jesse Norman, Financial Secretary to the Treasury. He commented, 'it is hard to see any genuine rationale for this delay.' He announced the following day that the legislative changes would be proceeding as intended for April 2020.

It was clear from the outset that Jesse Norman's mind was clearly made up and with Labour on board his intention was to proceed anyway. The fight that was near on impossible one to win. As a result, the Economy will suffer huge damage at a point when the UK is at its all-time weakest. Jesse Norman needs to open up to the MP's that represent their Constituents on the ground and actually read, divulge and listen to what they are presenting rather than just ignoring them and railroading his preferred method which is 100% not in the best interests of the UK workers, Businesses and Economy.

The HMRC also seem to be able to change and amend any of the legislation when it suits them with an arrogant disregard for any compelling evidence of the damage that will take place as a result, as they have shown with the Loan Charge Legislation and the retrospective tax which alone has resulted in 13 directly linked deaths that they were fully aware of throughout.

Yesterday saw a very impressive fight from the MP's that took place and were able to be heard and this effort must not be ignored. But if they wish to win this particular fight they need to get more MP's on board. There are two further opportunities for them to fight for the 2020 Finance Bill. Off-payroll reforms will further damage the UK's workforce that the economy heavily relies on if they cannot get this amendment through, at a time when we will certainly need to rely on it in order to stand any chance of recovery after this Pandemic ceases.

The Government needs to stop this blatant arrogance towards the Self-Employed sector and Off-Payroll, or 2021 will see allot more businesses struggling and ceasing to trade throughout this difficult time.

Here is a link to the Lords Report

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