Boris tells MP's to support the Governments view on IR35 amendments and Off-Payroll


So we finally find out why so many MP's did not, or did not want to get involved with trying to stop Off-Payroll Working Rules and IR35 amendments, completely ignoring the Finance Bill and report from the @LordsEconCom in the process.

@CrispinBlunt said in the email below that he was told by Boris to support the Governments view and to vote yes to IR35 amendments/Off-Payroll.

So it seems that when @BorisJohnson makes a personal appeal for support, the @Conservatives MPs have to vote to support Boris, regardless of the want from the Constituents they represent and the promises that have been made to them as their MP.

So forget @LordsEconCom off-payroll report & #FinanceBill process, and help create #ZeroRightsEmployment., because that will work, not!!!!!

Back Boris, not your Constituents and your beliefs as an MP!

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