A number of industries within the Uk are highly influenced by seasonal changes or peak needs for products or services and as a result need to rely upon a flexible workforce.

At the same time there are large proportion of people who prefer to seek temporary positions either because they are between jobs, are unsure as to the career they wish to end up in, want to spend time travelling, or for other reasons.

If a flexible workforce is something you should or have to consider and PAYE is your preferred or only option, then engaging workers on a temporary workers contract for services via Genius is a great solution.

This is where Genius can help!

Genius are specialists in Employment Law and Payroll.

We offer a service where you the End Client and all of your PAYE Temporary Workers are placed on a 'Contract for Services' contract directly with Genius.

As a result, Genius are contractually liable for the worker, which in turn removes all employment liabilities from your business.

Genius have a qualified payroll team who run payroll for businesses of all sizes, day in day out where we guarantee your workforce will never be waiting for their pay.

Contractual Rights

All the contractual rights for the PAYE worker still exist, including but not limited to 28 days Holiday Pay (inc. 8 bank holidays), Statutory Sick Pay, Pension Contributions and Management, etc.

All liability for the workers' pay and employment liability now contractually sits with Genius and as an End Client and a Temporary Worker the only remaining contractual liability that would exist is 15 minutes which is the minimum length of time which they can be paid to.

To sum it up a contract for services, whilst the services are required the contract exists, as soon as the service is no longer required neither is the contract.

The Genius PAYE Payroll Model is
100% PAYE

It does not follow the Umbrella model, and has no hidden fees or payments
PAYE Payroll Calculation, Gross - (Tax & NI) = Net


Below are some of the main benefits to engaging with Genius for your PAYE Payroll.

  • All Employment Law & Rights are the responsibility of Genius (inc. Tribunals)
    • Has a contract with Genius for the supply of PAYE Temporary Workers.
    • Still able to have a Flexible Workforce.
    • Contract held with Genius, not with the end client.
    • All PAYE Benefits still remain (e.g. Holiday Pay, Statutory Sick Pay, etc).

Key Benefits for workers

  • Pension management via Aviva
  • 28 days holiday, managed by Genius in line with the End Client
  • Statutory Sick Pay managed and administrated by the HMRC
  • Maternity and Paternity process and costs via the HMRC managed by Genius
  • Any employment issues such as employment tribunals now become the responsibility of Genius
PAYE PAYROLL -How Off-Payroll
     effects my business? Genius Explain


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