If you have contracts coming up where you require temporary workers or contractors, notify the Genius team who will communicate to our known network of workers and will administrate them to you. As this is not a full recruitment service the cost for the labour administered to you is significantly more cost effective.

Our resourcing service is available to all of our clients, simply express an interest when you sign up to us.

As part of our worker/self-employed registration process we ensure that every single person is fully compliant relevant to their position. When we administrate them to you we guarantee that they are fully compliant for a position similar to the one they left.

Should a full recruitment service be required then please read on


Genius Money is part of a group of companies which includes one of the UK's most renowned recruitment businesses, V3 Recruitment.

This service allows Genius to offer a dedicated Recruitment solution to End Clients.

V3 specialise in recruiting for a number of different industries, some of their clients include:

V3 Client Fat Face Logo
V3 Client Formaplex Logo
V3 Client Ferryspeed Logo
V3 Client Codestorm Logo
V3 Client Abakon Logo
V3 Client Eitec Logo

v3 specialise in recruiting for a number of different industries, some clients include LOGOS

V3 Recruitment is an Agency that specialises in the supply of Temporary, Freelance and Permanent people throughout the UK to Marine, Industrial/Warehouse, Office/PA & Secretarial, Sales & Marketing, Construction and Building Services, IT, Technical Data Infrastructure/Telecoms and Automotive industries.

V3 is fluid thinking entrepreneurial business established in 2001. They quickly became recognised for their refusal to be like every other Recruitment Agency. Today at V3 they continue to trade enthusiastically with this culture and as a result, nine times out of ten, they exceed the expectations of their clients, candidates and internal staff.

V3 Recruitment Logo

What the Recruitment Partnership looks like...

When you engage with Genius Money on our full recruitment partnership offering you are one step further away from the HMRC should you and your workforce ever be investigated

Over 50% of Genius' payroll clients choose this model, keeping all their recruitment and payroll needs consolidated within one group of companies.
With the combination of the Genius and V3 services the workforce of your business will be fully compliant and you can rely on us to take care of any and all Employment Law related queries and issues.

Below you will see an illustration of how this partnership works in the real world:

Recruitment Partnership Option
business-directory Business Directory
smartbusinessdirectory Payroll Services Business Directory
truebusinessdirectory payroll-services Directory
payroll-services Directory